CMW/CMF: Cloud Nothings @ Lee's Palace

Well well well.
Just when I was beginning to think this years CMW line up was actually all decent the Cloud Nobodies showed up and sent me the opposite direction of Cloud 9, straight down to Cocytus, the 9th and final level of Hell with the band playing the part of Satan himself, tormenting my ears for what felt like an eternity with their dreadful clothes-pin-on-the-nose vocals and terrible pop "rock" music. Wait, I think music deserves to be " " 'd there too.
All I can say is that the vomit comet passed along Bloor early that Friday night, and I couldn't believe how many people weren't puking their ears out at the sound of it.

I felt like I was back in grade 6 or 7 at some lame school dance that for some reason scored a live band.
They came, they played medium-hard and they conquered zzz's from the audience. Or at least they should have... for some reason the crowd at Lee's actually seemed to like them, something I couldn't understand for the life of me.
I admit I almost didn't mind them when the singer shut his trap long enough for me to be able to think and they started rocking out, but it all felt so contrived... almost like Show and Tell but with each member fighting for attention from the class at the same time. They all made it appear like they were doing something way cooler with the way they stood and stance'd, yet it was nothing new, nothing amazing, and definitely nothing worth EVER seeing or thinking about again.

According to my probably-drunk-by-this-point notes: "It could have been good if it wasn't SO BAD."

And I will leave you with that brilliant statement.

Good day.

I'm Sarah, I do what I want.