CMW/CMF: The Dears @ El Mocambo

All I could think leading up to seeing The Dears tonight was OMG THE DEARS OMG THE DEARS OMG THE DEARS OMG THE DEARS. My brain felt like a Barbie doll with only one saying every time the talk-to-me-string wass pulled. OMG OMG OMG.
A Barbie that's privy to internet speak apparently.
Them hitting the stage was epic to begin with. Epic-ally FUNNY. Some guy was just blabbing on and on and on but nobody (as in, at least me and probably a few others) couldn't make out what the fuck he was saying, until all of a sudden twice as loud we just heard "THE DEARS" and mad applause ring out all around us.
There was this haunting intensity radiating off the stage from the start, and I was immediately hooked like one is on a feeling.. can't stop this feeling, deep inside of me...
By the second song vagina was drooling.
Despite the fact that I was kind of far away and wearing my gleeeses (therefore couldn't see a dang thing) I still ended up mesmerised by the little dots I assume were the band on stage. Kaa from Jungle Book and his hypnotic talents couldn't compete with The Dears for attention. He'd be defeated in a second.

The singer worked the tambourine like it was a Kaa he held firmly in his hands, slamming around with it hissing it's ssss's past the mic.
"5 chords" and "Who Are You, Defenders Of The Universe" both hook-murdered me like everybody but Jennifer Love Hewitt in the I Know What You Did Last Summer Movies, and I almost cried when it was all over and it was time for me to go home.
Unforgettable vocals.
Splendid performance.

CMW is off to a good start this year!

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