CMW/CMF: Patti Cake @ Silver Dollar

FINALLY! I have been struggling to make it to one of Patti Cake (more like Party TITS!)'s shows for a while now, ever since they shared their existence with me and I got hooked on their EP.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to their songs online but for some reason that love didn't fully translate into their live performance. Something was missing.. something disabled the band from blowing me away 60's style on stage like the EP does over shitty computer speakers. And I don't quite know why.
They sounded bang on, they didn't seem overly nervous, and though they were missing one member it was only a backup singer and her spot was filled by another gal with a good voice. So I still fail to understand why they lacked that UMPH live, when the UMPH in recording is undeniable.
The singer did her breast to make up for it with her hilarious, weird, classy stage banter about water bubble burps and smelly feet (totally things I would have talked about if I were on stage) and her voice was insanely great. I'd say she succeeded in the making-up-for-whatever-is-missing department. The cleavage helped a little too.
The drummer, though, blew myself and everybody around me away. He was like a living, breathing, multi-tasking metronome, and the only negative thing I have to say about Patti Cakes performance in full is that the world needs to hear that drummer far better than was possible at this show.

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