CMW/CMF: Pow Wows @ Silver Dollar

I didn't plan on staying at Silver Dollar long enough for this band but ended up running into people who gave me lots of beer, so of course I stayed until said beer was done, you would have too.

I'm not sure if it was the beer or the band, but I was quite pleased with their performance and was glad that I stayed, even though it made me late for everything else that night including the impossible-to-get-into Zeus + Eight and a Half show at the Horseshoe :( - which to be fair I never would have gotten into anyway, unless I lined up before the doors even opened... and like, I'm not in highschool anymore, I'll never willingly be that eager again. Whomp whomp.

Pow Wow's were sorta rock-a-billy-rock-n-roll-stoner-rock, music that crept towards you on its knees, down on the dirty ground, staring you in the face with it's grinding garage'yness before jumping up in your face, kicking it into high gear, and just pyschedelically surfing on their awesome wave of rock.

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