CMW/CMF: Topanga @ Silver Dollar

I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to seeing Topanga this CMW. The second I witnessed them on stage I realized how undeniable the relation between being happy and being at a show is. It's concerts like this that fuel me up on life, makes me feel alive like that old Edwin song. I wonder if future Edwin had seen Topanga and gone back to the past to write about the experience in that song.
I wish he could have come up with a better video though, talk about bore-ville.
Anyway, Topanga were as enthralling as the baked bike ride downhill in the dark to the show... that is until they curb stomped the fuck out of enthralling with a politely aggravated rock out jam session.
The band, the singer and his demanding vocals in particular, were producing literal screamgasms from the fans as they played and he c-rock-ooned.
Comparisons to Portugal. The Man at times, The Strokes at other times, and Against Me! at other rare times kept flashing through my ears, (remember though, I was fairly baked)... along with elements of 'would-be-too-poppy-if-it-wasn't-so-fucking-good at all times.
And the Weakerthans the cover made me swoon.

They left me on my knees...

Side story: At one point this super short dude stood in front of me and I had no problem seeing over him so I thought to myself, man, I feel like a man! It was awesome.

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