Hey Rosetta! You Make Me Wet-a!

God, I love this band.
If you like, oh I don't know, GOOD THINGS, then you do / will too.
Their latest album Seeds is better than good, better than great, better than WHUT WHUT IN YOUR BUTT-FULL OF AWESOME.
For realz.
It's filled to the brim with predictable build ups that are only predictable in the sense that they make you want it so bad that you essentially will it to happen.. but only after they lead you on and on and on... before exploding suddenly all over your tits.
And immediately they're ready to go again, rejuvenating themselves by pumping pumping pumping the heart strings until you're so wound up and you just can't handle feeling all those feelings anymore and so then YOU explode, probably all over your own tits, and they just start building you up all over again.

But then WAM-O, unpredictable drums just beating you into a frenzy, into a whole new form of pleasure you have yet to experience.
Like a titty-jerk.
No, a symphony of titty jerks.

Not to mention there's an acoustic EP if you like it slow and soft. Which I do. And it's fucking amazing. Flawless vocals, gorgeous harmonies, talent just oozing out of every orifice possible.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.