Playing catch up Pre-CMW

Wow. Only 3 albums left to write blurbs about before I am FINALLY caught up on my emails since the start of 2012.

These are going to be short and crappy but I don't care, and if you care, well, I feel sorry for you having to read this :P.

The first band is Snow Ghost. They have an EP (or 'Mini Album') streaming on bandcamp which I'll post below. They're a post-progressive duo from Chicago according to their email to me, and by golly I think their music is pretty neat. It's out there, like Madonna's tits in the 80's, and the more confused I become the harder my hard-on becomes. Makes sense right?

The second band/group/whatthefuckever is Christ vs Krishna and their full length album called Sidewalk Astronomy.
They're from Toronto, and they play vintage ambient brit inspired pop rock.
They've got a lot going for them I'd say...
They've got beats.
They've got hooks.
They've got rhythm.
And they've got flava!
Sarah likey!
Sarah wishes she had more time to talk about this album.
But Sarah is too fucking busy, so this is all they get.
And listen here, kk?

The third and final blurb I will have for you later tonight.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want, which isn't much.