Warped Tour Doc: "No Room For Rockstars"

I feel like Oscar the Grouch, permanently stuck in the garbage can of 90's punk rock, hating the electro pop punk world around me more and more each day. Lashing out at it all, refusing to accept change, only happy with my head fully emerged in the smelly, crusty, tattered remains of what used to be cool in my day, to my people.
Bashing what the Vans Warped Tour has become is the cool thing for us to do now, and I almost feel like a broken record bringing the issue up again, I mean, it is what it is by now. I appreciate the few good bands who still put up with the rest of the ***** little bitches for any part of the tour, like Face To Face, Bouncing Souls (who seriously suck now live, sorrry), Anti-Flag, Less Than Jake... but to be honest just looking at the line ups for the last few years, this year being one of the worst, it just kills me a bit inside. Softly, emo-ly, lame-ly.
For that reason I can't fully accept and / or care at all about the new Warped Tour Documentary.
It's the second Warped Tour Documentary to come out, so I'm not expecting them to focus on the beginning history of the tour or anything, the first one even featured bands like 3OH!3 already among other terrible-considering-the-warped-tour-title acts. This new one focuses on 3 dudes/bands that I can't produce an ounce of affliction towards.
I mean, I love documentaries, I used to love Warped Tour, and I love witnessing the difference between audience experience and band experience, as long as it's a band I'm somewhat remotely partial to.
Considering this doc was filmed in 2012 with very little of those bands involved makes me just, not, at all, interested.
That said, the way the doc was done was cool, the idea was cool, and if I cared more, I would think it was all around cool.


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