Rising Crust / Jean Is Dead / Iron Fist @ Cherry Cola's

Rising crust were awesome. 
Thick with cheese and hot dogs and cheeseburger and all the awesome things they stuff into crust these days. Loved it so much. Loud, obnoxious, inaudible, glorious GLORY.

Jean Is Dead were even awesome'er.
They had an unfairly short set because the bands were told they weren't supposed to play past midnight, despite the event page citing Iron Fist STARTING their set at that time initially.
LAME ASS CHERRY COLA'S! (however, the bearded door guy, the sound guy's playlist and the nice bartenders who made the strongest drinks ever made up for the lame'ness!)
Short fast loud...
Guitar riffs over trembling bass over pounding drums and classic dual punk rock vocals. 
My favourite.
The bass was everything I wish to be able to play.
The drummer made the BEST drumming faces, super jovial.
They were my favourite of the night for sure. 
Followed closely by Rising Crust. 

Iron Fist were my least favourite, despite them being the headliner and having a lot of hype surrounding them.
They definitely didn't blow me away, despite their expensive equipment and mic with chains? huh?
They did have beards though.
And played some tight rock punk with lots of opportunity for headbangin'.
I just wasn't the biggest fan of the singer who.just showcased his drinking and felt up his beard most of the time. He's not a bad frontman though, and he was SUPER polite and respectful to the bar which I really respected.
And the band wasn't bad at all, just not as pleasing to me as the first two is all.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.  

Four Young Boys Have Never Made Me So Happy ... A Joyce Manor Review.

Pedophile, I am not.
In love with Joyce Manor, I am.
Last night's show at Hard Luck (first time upstairs...now my favourite venue. no obstructive pillars, much room in the center, very few hipster douchebags just trying to be scene by being seen, and vice versa... at least for this show) was one of the greatest experiences of my 16-year-old-in-an-almost-26-year-old-body's life.
I actually couldn't believe how many high school kids were there. It took me back to when I was going to/putting on punk shows in Cobourg, and I felt instantly comfortable as soon as I walked through the door.
The smell of teen angst (BO) filled my nostrils as I stood on the edge of the jumping pit filled with kids belting out every word to every song and looking at each other with delight at the start of each new favourite.
I found myself looking at my friend with the same awe, only I felt it because seeing all this was awesome, not because I knew any of the bands material at this point.
Now, merely 12 hours later, I am on my way to knowing every lyric to every song on their amazing 10 song album.
By far the best new pop punk discovery. My friend kept telling me last night how they were the next big thing, and I believe the shit out of her after seeing them.
Four young boys have never rocked so hard into my heart.
Ear boners of love all around.

NOTE: On the way to work this morning I played this song on repeat on my crappy dumb phone's YouTube, using my data plan that is over 80% for the month which just started last week, because I could not NOT hear it. It was like the song was using the Force to bind my ears to its sound.
I want to point out that I neglected finishing the last 10 pages of the 500+ page HEMINGWAY book that I have been obsessing over for the past however many weeks. If you've read For Whom The Bell Tolls you'll understand how monumentally exciting the last chapter is. I have been dedicating every minute alone to absorbing myself in Rob Jordan's epic adventure and this song just Forced its way between me and the gripping finale. If that's not a testament to how fucking good it is then I don't know what is.

The headliner of the night, Andrew Jackson Jihad, who I had originally been most excited to see, actually seemed quite boring in comparison to Joyce Manor. Not to say that he wasn't fabulous, but it less emotionally epic and more aesthetically pleasing, which is never a bad thing mind you. His acoustic pop punk with a stand up bass player (who resembled Jake Gyllenhaal, not that it matters *cough*) and later on an "integrity free" banjo was cute and simple, and featured songs like Woody Guthrie's "Do Re Mi", Neil Young's "Roll Another Number" and Simon & Garfunkels "Mrs. Robinson". The best part was that none of the young audience members who were there for Joyce Manor had heard any of these classic songs, couldn't sing along, and resorted to patiently clapping their way through the set.
In my opinion these songs made the performance.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Dan Vapid and the Cheats + Jetty Boys = Life.

Um, how awesome is this? A split 7" between Dan Vapid and The Jetty Boys. LIFE IS GOOD.
It's out May 1st, but I'm awesome and found a stream for it below.
And by 'I'm awesome" I really mean IT'S awesome. SO AWESOME.
But then again, how could it NOT be?
I mean, It's Dan Vapid.
Whether with Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales or The Methadones, or here and now with the Cheats, Dan continues to pump out the best power pop punk music possible, regardless of whether it's a cover or not.
And then there are The Jetty Boys, doing the sex-act same thing.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

MIP?... M I P?...mip?...

I have been going through the remainder of my 'to be reviewed' list and finding SO many boring albums that I just can't be bothered to listen to. I was getting depressed and almost gave up when I came across mip... a weird name for a band, and possibly weirder name for the woman behind the band. Not quite sure either way.
REHgardless, my mood perked up as soon as I listened the the first song. FINALLY something fun, energetic, and GOOD enough to inspire me to write today.
It's eccentric rock and roll, a pleasure to hear amidst all the other shit on my 'to do' list. What's funny is that I ignored a bunch of bands because I really didn't like the female vocals, but this one I snatched up immediately despite of, and because of, the wicked woman waling on the album!
After some investigating I found out that mip is the gal singer, and it is also the name of her band (amiright?). I also found one of the best descriptions ever on their fb: "If you blew a breath of fresh air into the dead corpse of rock and roll your frankenstein's monster might turn out a bit like mip."
1. Hilarious.
2. Bang on.
3. Reminds me of Andy Warhol's Frankenstein which I actually watched last night. A quirky, oddball comedic portrayal of the original monster...this album is a quirky, oddball, almost comedic (in a good way) portrayal of original rock and roll. It's out there, peculiar in a freakish kind of way, and unconventially exciting to the ears. It has this off-the-wall country feel to it which I just fucking love love love and LOVE.

Check it out at www.mipmusic.com.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

MxPx, still Chick Magnets? or should they Quit their Lives?

Hold up. MxPx are back with a new album?
For some reason I'm more surprised hearing that than I have been at any of my other 90's punkfluences releasing albums in the last year or so.
It's possible that I just forgot all about MxPx. But how can somebody forget songs like "Chick Magnet" or "Punk Rock Show", which to this day I still hold high in my endless favourite songs of high school mixtape. And now they're back with Plans Within Plans, a fairly well-designed ear space shuttle, destination: grade nine.
The first few songs are just a bombardment of the sounds of my high school favourites when skate punk was actually played at the skate park.
It's almost like they summoned the spirit of every big band of the early 2000's (and currently) like Bad Religion ("Stay On Your Feet"), and NOFX ("Inside Out") for this album.
And I like it!
That is, until "Best Of Times" comes on, a *** ass diddy that sounds like the spirits of Good Charlotte and Green Day American Idiot got their go at MxPx too.
That song just made me want to laugh and cringe all at once... kind of like when they're just a'yellin' 'bout somethin' in "Far Away".. the sudden release into crappy'ness like a thick fart suck across my ears...
But wait.
To be honest if I were to be as critical to pick out one part of an MxPx song that I don't like, I would start to have a problem with most of the songs on this album. But I don't want to look through my critical contacts today, fuzzy eyes sometimes see things much easier than 20/20.
Instead Ima choose to see them for the 20 year old punk band that God-rocked their punk butts into my life's soundtrack more often than not often, with those short drum driven skate punk songs; bass and guitar dueling it out for top string status and both simultaneously winning. The simple (in purpose, not in technicality) pop punk beats infecting me with that ungracious seated head dance I do when I'm alone and enjoying something lazily.

Verdict: Chick Magnet.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Dan Kosub

Dan Kosub reminds me so much of something… I want to say Barenaked Ladies… their less funny songs… and just so we’re clear I actually love the Barenaked Ladies. The vocals sound so similar to BL, and although he’s from Toronto his music carries this very East Coast feeling to it which makes it so much more than the G rated radio rock of its nature.
It’s too pretty to be boring, like many radio bands are to me lately. It’s soft, sensual, something for the whole family – grandma, mom, and little sister.
With great big orchestral build ups worthy of Hey Rosetta!, with the ability to move even the heaviest boulder of a heart.

Listen for yourself here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Yanis Khamsi

I like this guy Yanis Khamsi, mostly because he told me he could take anything I said about his music… and not to hold back. Thank fuck some people have balls out there, unlike when I reviewed that stupid band Animal Vomit or whatever they were called.
I almost wanted to hate his just to test him, but unfortunately I don’t. WAH!
He's got this Jason Mraz’y kind of style minus all the God humping happy-all-the-time, life is wonderful 'tude. It's good natured singer songwriter acoustic rock/pop/prock/whatever, and at times it almost even reminds me of a solo Moldy Peaches.
He's got a good voice, plays some good backing guitar, and overall it's not quite 'to die for', but it’s definitely worth a listen if you like that sort of thing.

You can do that HERE.

I'm Sarah. I Do what I want.

Large LIVE n' Direct

Let's be honest.
I don't know SHIT about reviewing hip hop.
I like hip hop. Older hip hop mostly.
And I know that I absolutely HATE all that new shit like DRAKE (ugh ugh ugh UGH), Childish Gambino, Lil Wayne, all those pathetic pussy dropping raptards on the radio.
At the risk of sounding naive and cliche I'm going to compare Large LIVE n'Direct, this Newfoundland/now Toronto hip hop group I've been asked to review, to Classified. It's probably the East Coast in 'em.
I love Classified. Or at least I did before I got sick of hearing him, only because I played him so much out of love.
Right now I'm loving Large LIVE n'Direct too.
The 5 songs they have up on their bandcamp (below) is fucking solid.
Before I go further and make myself sound like a complete dumbass, I'm just going to post their songs and let you do the rest of this review yourself, in your head.
Deal with it.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Jazama Pajama, Pajama Jazama!

Hi. Meet Aaron & The Sea.
One of their genre tags on their bandcamp calls them 'nightmare pop' and I really like that.
It suits the music well.
They sound as if a member of a boy band drank a lot of gin, fell asleep on the plane ride to their next gig and dreamt up this new musical career path … in an electro 80’s pop type of nightmare. I love me some 80’s anything, so naturally I am really enjoying their album Creature Creature.
If the movie Little Nemo (not Finding Nemo, fuck that fish!) had a soundtrack made for adults this would be it. And I would love that movie even more than I already do.

Jazama Pajama, Pajama Jazama,
Shimera Kazam, Kimera Kaz,
Imperatazam, Paja-Pajap,
Shazama, Shazama, Pajama,

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Rooftop Runners

Do you recall the scene in Mary Poppins when Julie Andrews and the gorgeous Dick Van Dyke bring the children up onto the smokey rooftops with all the dirty chimney sweepers?
This is by far my favourite part of the movie, maybe tied with the laughter on the ceiling scene.
Anyway, this has a point I think.
The scenery in the rooftop scene (along with the name of the band, obviously) reminds me of this German electro/indie/spooky/pop duo Rooftop Runners. Their sound is as ominous as the black smoke billowing into the night air in the movie, and it gives me the same kind of good scurred shivers as I got from that imagery as a child.

Needless to say I LOVE IT.
As much as I love Dick Van Dyke's filthy face.

Check them out here.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Parlour Suite.... more like The Parlour SWEET!

Whoop, there it is again. The soothing, sweet (suite) surf pop, sunshine and lollipops music of The Parlour Suite that delights my inner ear hearts right down to that throbbing, blood pumping organ in my chest. The Neko Case similarity is still as precise as the first time I reviewed this band way back in 2010, and when the male vocals kick in for “Fred Astaire” it feels almost obvious that these two are married based on the way their mouths complement each other so beautifully in song. This new 7 song EP called Everyone’s Looking is a breathtaking follow up to that first love-instilling piece of art that had me frantically replaying every song. It’s as if I wrote the Depeche Mode hit “Just Can’t Get Enough” to depict how I felt about The Parlour Suite back then, and now this new EP has inspired me to write the terrible Black Eyed Peas song of the same title. This is the perfect soundtrack to spring, with images of giant flowers blooming behind closed eyes, more and more buds blossoming with the sound of each song. Sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the radiance.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

By far the worst album I've ever heard.

Whoever made this is stupid.
I mean... "Do The Buttmunch"... "Keep On Poopin'" ... seriously? Are you 12?
Okay, I admit they're funny, but really... who names their songs such crappy (pardon the pun) titles!
And where did they make this... garageband?
It's so simple it would be in the retards class in high school. Excuse my rudeness.
And what's with all the cheering, and booing, and kids giggling?
Whoever this is is a major creep, and I can't believe they applaud their own songs, IN THEIR OWN SONGS! Don't even get me started on that farting noise followed by boo's from the crowd. This BonerTit is clearly deranged.
And way to stick with one sound per song/per album/per artist/per ANYTHING.... not.
Each track is like a spazzy bipolar crack whore sketching the fuck out after too many hits off the 'ol pipe.
It's just ridiculous.
Water dripping for half a song, fake record scratching, a suspenseful movie moment, country twang into electro nonsense...
My head is spinning like a carousel jacked up by Tim Taylor and I have to lay down.
Thank GOODNESS it's only a 5 song EP.
I don't think I could handle any more of this craziness.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Cursive at the 'shoe!

First of all, I have to say I love Cursive but I hate Cursive fans.
All those sentimental 'bros' and their overly emotional fist pumping.
Absolutely hilarious.
Especially after a couple of whiskey drankz.

Not that all the people in the Horseshoe last night to see the band were said douchebags. First of all the door girl was fucking amazing, and if she ever reads this... THANK YOU AGAIN!

And there were the dudes that kept letting my short self and even shorter friend in front of them so we could see the stage among the sold out crowd. And more importantly see the kids at the very front rocking the fuck out like their entire being depended on it.
Shirts tied around their wastes, heads coming nervously close to bouncing off the stage with each down-bang.

It was an experience. One very similar to the first time I saw Cursive at the Horseshoe years ago. Probably so long ago that I was one of those emotional idiots overwhelmed by the lyrics even live, losing myself in the midst of passion and the sound of the trumpet. Which is by far one of the coolest, most stand-apart things about this band.

It wasn't hard to re-imagine those good old days just after high school when I first started to really appreciate this band. To everyones apparent delight they played one of the most generously bestrewed set that encompassed enough older material that it wasn't painfully apparent that they had just released a new album. Even though that album is AWESOME and it wouldn't have been a huge bummer to hear more. But I couldn't be happier with the variety, and judging by the intense reaction and excited singalongs the rest of the venue agreed with me.

Experiencing this show was so heartwarming that I couldn't wipe the grin off my face afterwards and ended up falling asleep with it plastered upon my face.

Most of that smile was owed to the music itself, but some of it belongs to the singer, who is one of my favourite front men of all time. He just emits 'cool' with everything he does, even when it looks like he's giving head to the microphone (according to dude friend of my friend).
Each member of the band walked back on for their encore slapping and shaking every fans hand outstretched as they crawled over each other to get close to their heroes. You could tell they were seconds away from pissing their pants out of happiness with each touch. It was sweet.

Farah at the end of the show: "Smells like a lot of people shit their pants" .... TRUE DAT.

Favourite noteworthy moment: When people tried to pants the guy crowdsurfing.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.