By far the worst album I've ever heard.

Whoever made this is stupid.
I mean... "Do The Buttmunch"... "Keep On Poopin'" ... seriously? Are you 12?
Okay, I admit they're funny, but really... who names their songs such crappy (pardon the pun) titles!
And where did they make this... garageband?
It's so simple it would be in the retards class in high school. Excuse my rudeness.
And what's with all the cheering, and booing, and kids giggling?
Whoever this is is a major creep, and I can't believe they applaud their own songs, IN THEIR OWN SONGS! Don't even get me started on that farting noise followed by boo's from the crowd. This BonerTit is clearly deranged.
And way to stick with one sound per song/per album/per artist/per ANYTHING.... not.
Each track is like a spazzy bipolar crack whore sketching the fuck out after too many hits off the 'ol pipe.
It's just ridiculous.
Water dripping for half a song, fake record scratching, a suspenseful movie moment, country twang into electro nonsense...
My head is spinning like a carousel jacked up by Tim Taylor and I have to lay down.
Thank GOODNESS it's only a 5 song EP.
I don't think I could handle any more of this craziness.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.