Large LIVE n' Direct

Let's be honest.
I don't know SHIT about reviewing hip hop.
I like hip hop. Older hip hop mostly.
And I know that I absolutely HATE all that new shit like DRAKE (ugh ugh ugh UGH), Childish Gambino, Lil Wayne, all those pathetic pussy dropping raptards on the radio.
At the risk of sounding naive and cliche I'm going to compare Large LIVE n'Direct, this Newfoundland/now Toronto hip hop group I've been asked to review, to Classified. It's probably the East Coast in 'em.
I love Classified. Or at least I did before I got sick of hearing him, only because I played him so much out of love.
Right now I'm loving Large LIVE n'Direct too.
The 5 songs they have up on their bandcamp (below) is fucking solid.
Before I go further and make myself sound like a complete dumbass, I'm just going to post their songs and let you do the rest of this review yourself, in your head.
Deal with it.

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