MIP?... M I P?...mip?...

I have been going through the remainder of my 'to be reviewed' list and finding SO many boring albums that I just can't be bothered to listen to. I was getting depressed and almost gave up when I came across mip... a weird name for a band, and possibly weirder name for the woman behind the band. Not quite sure either way.
REHgardless, my mood perked up as soon as I listened the the first song. FINALLY something fun, energetic, and GOOD enough to inspire me to write today.
It's eccentric rock and roll, a pleasure to hear amidst all the other shit on my 'to do' list. What's funny is that I ignored a bunch of bands because I really didn't like the female vocals, but this one I snatched up immediately despite of, and because of, the wicked woman waling on the album!
After some investigating I found out that mip is the gal singer, and it is also the name of her band (amiright?). I also found one of the best descriptions ever on their fb: "If you blew a breath of fresh air into the dead corpse of rock and roll your frankenstein's monster might turn out a bit like mip."
1. Hilarious.
2. Bang on.
3. Reminds me of Andy Warhol's Frankenstein which I actually watched last night. A quirky, oddball comedic portrayal of the original monster...this album is a quirky, oddball, almost comedic (in a good way) portrayal of original rock and roll. It's out there, peculiar in a freakish kind of way, and unconventially exciting to the ears. It has this off-the-wall country feel to it which I just fucking love love love and LOVE.

Check it out at www.mipmusic.com.

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