MxPx, still Chick Magnets? or should they Quit their Lives?

Hold up. MxPx are back with a new album?
For some reason I'm more surprised hearing that than I have been at any of my other 90's punkfluences releasing albums in the last year or so.
It's possible that I just forgot all about MxPx. But how can somebody forget songs like "Chick Magnet" or "Punk Rock Show", which to this day I still hold high in my endless favourite songs of high school mixtape. And now they're back with Plans Within Plans, a fairly well-designed ear space shuttle, destination: grade nine.
The first few songs are just a bombardment of the sounds of my high school favourites when skate punk was actually played at the skate park.
It's almost like they summoned the spirit of every big band of the early 2000's (and currently) like Bad Religion ("Stay On Your Feet"), and NOFX ("Inside Out") for this album.
And I like it!
That is, until "Best Of Times" comes on, a *** ass diddy that sounds like the spirits of Good Charlotte and Green Day American Idiot got their go at MxPx too.
That song just made me want to laugh and cringe all at once... kind of like when they're just a'yellin' 'bout somethin' in "Far Away".. the sudden release into crappy'ness like a thick fart suck across my ears...
But wait.
To be honest if I were to be as critical to pick out one part of an MxPx song that I don't like, I would start to have a problem with most of the songs on this album. But I don't want to look through my critical contacts today, fuzzy eyes sometimes see things much easier than 20/20.
Instead Ima choose to see them for the 20 year old punk band that God-rocked their punk butts into my life's soundtrack more often than not often, with those short drum driven skate punk songs; bass and guitar dueling it out for top string status and both simultaneously winning. The simple (in purpose, not in technicality) pop punk beats infecting me with that ungracious seated head dance I do when I'm alone and enjoying something lazily.

Verdict: Chick Magnet.

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