The Parlour Suite.... more like The Parlour SWEET!

Whoop, there it is again. The soothing, sweet (suite) surf pop, sunshine and lollipops music of The Parlour Suite that delights my inner ear hearts right down to that throbbing, blood pumping organ in my chest. The Neko Case similarity is still as precise as the first time I reviewed this band way back in 2010, and when the male vocals kick in for “Fred Astaire” it feels almost obvious that these two are married based on the way their mouths complement each other so beautifully in song. This new 7 song EP called Everyone’s Looking is a breathtaking follow up to that first love-instilling piece of art that had me frantically replaying every song. It’s as if I wrote the Depeche Mode hit “Just Can’t Get Enough” to depict how I felt about The Parlour Suite back then, and now this new EP has inspired me to write the terrible Black Eyed Peas song of the same title. This is the perfect soundtrack to spring, with images of giant flowers blooming behind closed eyes, more and more buds blossoming with the sound of each song. Sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the radiance.

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