Rising Crust / Jean Is Dead / Iron Fist @ Cherry Cola's

Rising crust were awesome. 
Thick with cheese and hot dogs and cheeseburger and all the awesome things they stuff into crust these days. Loved it so much. Loud, obnoxious, inaudible, glorious GLORY.

Jean Is Dead were even awesome'er.
They had an unfairly short set because the bands were told they weren't supposed to play past midnight, despite the event page citing Iron Fist STARTING their set at that time initially.
LAME ASS CHERRY COLA'S! (however, the bearded door guy, the sound guy's playlist and the nice bartenders who made the strongest drinks ever made up for the lame'ness!)
Short fast loud...
Guitar riffs over trembling bass over pounding drums and classic dual punk rock vocals. 
My favourite.
The bass was everything I wish to be able to play.
The drummer made the BEST drumming faces, super jovial.
They were my favourite of the night for sure. 
Followed closely by Rising Crust. 

Iron Fist were my least favourite, despite them being the headliner and having a lot of hype surrounding them.
They definitely didn't blow me away, despite their expensive equipment and mic with chains? huh?
They did have beards though.
And played some tight rock punk with lots of opportunity for headbangin'.
I just wasn't the biggest fan of the singer who.just showcased his drinking and felt up his beard most of the time. He's not a bad frontman though, and he was SUPER polite and respectful to the bar which I really respected.
And the band wasn't bad at all, just not as pleasing to me as the first two is all.

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