Yanis Khamsi

I like this guy Yanis Khamsi, mostly because he told me he could take anything I said about his music… and not to hold back. Thank fuck some people have balls out there, unlike when I reviewed that stupid band Animal Vomit or whatever they were called.
I almost wanted to hate his just to test him, but unfortunately I don’t. WAH!
He's got this Jason Mraz’y kind of style minus all the God humping happy-all-the-time, life is wonderful 'tude. It's good natured singer songwriter acoustic rock/pop/prock/whatever, and at times it almost even reminds me of a solo Moldy Peaches.
He's got a good voice, plays some good backing guitar, and overall it's not quite 'to die for', but it’s definitely worth a listen if you like that sort of thing.

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