Blacklist Royals + The Victim Party + Careers In Science @ Sneaky Dee's

Toronto, I'm ashamed of you.
Sitting at home rubbing dicks / tits instead of stuffing your face with nachos and ears with punk rock.
I love rubbing dicks and tits along with the rest of ya, but I won't pass up a wicked show to do it, even if it was super early and on a Monday night.
That matters not for us non-losers.
What matters is the kick-assss band from Tennessee who drove hours to play here last night.
Blacklist Royals are easily one of my favourite non-local bands. Anthem packed country-infused punk rock, exactly what you'd hope to find out of the Nashville scene.
They are fucking amazing, and not a band that you can see any ol' weekend around Toronto.
Butt for some reason Sneaks wasn't packed for it. So Toronto, you really suck.
Basically they blew their set load to smithereens.
And if you didn't witness the wetness I hope life lets out a huge smelly fart in your direction.
They're playing Pouzza, so y'all need to head down there and make up for it.
(AND give me a ride there and back please.)
 The Victim Party and Careers In Science also played last night, two of my favourite local bands. What a night of favourites!
I think it was my first time seeing The Victim Party, at least my first time since hearing their WICKED album and becoming obsessed with it.
Those guys put on one of the most FUN shows ever.
The stage dynamic is wonderful, with a couple guitarists and a bassist positioned in front of mics across the stage, and an unmounted singer in between on either side, guy and gal. Both of which toss the 'singing stick' back and forth, alternating between each other as well as the other three.
They all just laugh, drink, and having a good time on stage, infecting every audience member to do the same on the floor. It was one of those sets that just inspire you to throw your arms up around the shoulders of whoever is beside you and just bro-down while belting out the lyrics to each song.
And then there is Careers In Science. I almost feel redundant bringing them up because we all know that I love this band. Considering they are PLAYING MY BIRTHDAY SHOW ON MAY 25TH *COME*
And last night was no exception. They keep getting better and better every time I see them, and I never get bored watching them on stage. Even the new songs are tighter than Conan's jeggings.... and those were TIGHT.
Oh, and the nacho puns were fantastic.

Body Doubles, I'm sorry but one of you wore a Coheed  & Cambria shirt, and I absolutely DESPISE that band more than any other, so I have nothing to say to you . That and I missed most of your set.

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