the Skin Flutes.... 'nuff said.

Lately I've been raping for feel good, 90's punk, emo, or pop.. desperate for some comfort food to shove down the throat of ears that can no longer stomach any of the bands I've grown accustomed to hearing lately.
For some reason I just keep going back to Jewel. How embarrassing.
And since I don't want people at work to make fun of me as I sing along teary-eyed to this poetic pop princess, I decided to work on a review for this much much 'cooler' band, the Skin Flutes.
Their album Pop For Hooligans isn't new, but it's freshly posted online for free download. It was recorded in '99, which fits right in with everything else I've been playing. Kind of. In era anyway.
And in lyrics. The would-be-emo-if-the-music-wasn't-so-punk angst-ridden, emotionally pleading lyrics on life and love.
Or maybe I'm just focusing on that because they're one of those bands you can find at least a song or to that you can relate to no matter what state of mind you're in or what you're looking to listen to.
They're everything I'd expect to come off the tail-end of the best time for pop punk music. In my opinion.
And they have covered one of my favourite classic pop songs, "Runaround Sue", to perfection.
Wrapped in similarities to every great punk band of just before their time, the sausage-like Skin Flute in the middle of all that doughy likeness is 100% unique and totally brings its own juice to taste.

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