M83 was the party to be.... at.

This weekend was a musical experience of epic proportions.
First the punk rock show of a lifetime on Friday, and then the dance party rock out electro 80's light show of the century on Sunday at the Sound Academy for M83.
I missed them the last time they were in town at the sensibly close Lee's Palace and made the long trek down to the lake front this time around to see them at the most inconvenient venue in the city.
It was worth the hour long TTC fiasco to get down there and the $30 cab ride to get back.
The place was packed, and we got there late so I couldn't even bully my way through the crowd to get anywhere near the stage. Being as short as I am I could only make out the tops of heads and hair of the band members most of the time. I could see the insane light show from where I was though and that was exciting enough. The way they set it up made the most out of the music, whether it be slow or fast songs (they played far more of their dance songs and few of their slow ones to my delight) and enabled everybody near the back to enjoy the performance without even seeing the band. When I was able to stand on tip toes and catch a glimpse of what they were doing on stage I was shocked to see how much energy they had and how much ground they covered rocking out all over the stage. I did not expect that from the predominantly softer, electro, shoegaze'y, spoken lyric style of a lot of their songs. It was an incredible thing to watch.
What blew me away the most was the female vocals for one, sounding somewhat like Portishead at times with her crisp, beautiful range. And second, the single "Midnight City", which before the show I was sick of hearing but now have a new appreciation for. It was one of the most memorable moments when the sax cut in clear and piercing through the noise of the crowd. The sound of it was impeccable.
It was an absolutely stunning performance and I can't wait to see the band again when they come back with Justice and Austra in August.

This isn't video from this show, fyi.

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