Mean Tangerine - Neon Lights EP

Dick, I am.
Forgot about Mean Tangerine, I did.
No more, will I.... talk like this.
Boredom does weird (nerdy) things to me.
Thank goodness I have this Mean Tangerine EP to keep me entertained for about 12 minutes.
24 if I listen to it twice!
(I'm so pro at maths)
I almost didn't recognize the music until the unique MT vocals came in.
What happened to that ska band following in The Johnstones footsteps, hair and all?
They've traded in the ska-fro for a rockin' new soulful cut.
And it looks damn good on them.
Not that they ever needed improvement, because I love ska + The Johnstones + skafro's, but they've really come into their own new style with this EP.

I love it.
It feels older and more mature compared to the band I used to pass time (AND GAS, HEH) to a couple years ago.



Tickle me impressed, and colour me impressed too. Whichever.

I'm about to spend 48 minutes with this new Mean Tangerine sound, at least.


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