The New, The Old and The Local

I feel like a fat kid at an all you can eat bacon and cookie buffet right now when it comes to music.
I've been stuck in an insatiable rut for far too long, lacking interest in finding new musical obsessions and feeling like the talent pool had been emptied and turned into a skate park of cliche, dry concrete crap.
But now, thanks to a couple friends with impeccable taste and this years NXNE lineup everything has changed. I've (re)discovered bands I can't get enough of, and I'm starving for more.

The New:

The Hextalls
This album came out in February, so it's not really new per se, but it's new to me. My friend Julian introduced me to these guys last week and it was like he introduced me to my band soul mate. I have listened to this album on repeat every single day since and it's all I think about when it isn't coming through my speakers. This pop punk album is comparable to the perfect sex romp. 13 equally awesome orgasms in a row... the moodmosphere is playful and most importantly not mushy lovey dovey crapvomit but jovial, light-hearted and casual.
Best band ever.

Cold Warps
I'm not sure if it's the nice weather or wHut but surf-pop-punk-rock is where it's at right now. This style of music shoots visions of sunny beaches behind closed eyes, making it bearable to be stuck inside working all day as long as I'm listening to a band like Cold Warps, or Black Lips who they remind me of.
These guys are playing NXNE.

No Such Noise!
These guys are young and feature horns that compliments the poppy easy-going punk music in a way that reminds me SO MUCH of Less Than Jake, at least their album Anthem. 
I love that LTJ album and I'm a ska kid at heart so I'm really digging this.

The Old

Hostage Calm
I think I reviewed these guys ages ago, but I just rediscovered how fucking awesome they are.
Imagine Minus The Bear collaborating with The Beach Boys.
How about your load, because mine sure is.

I am ashamed to admit I forgot about this band. One of my favourites of a while ago. Thank goodness for my friend Farah throwing them on at my house last night. It turns out that PKEWx3 (gunshots) *see below* have a very similar sound at times. Penis-drool-inducing pop punk. Yum (more like CUM!).

The Local

PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots)

Toronto is home to some fucking awesome bands right now.
This band, for example. They're the perfect pop punk band to blow up the pop punk scene that's been seriously lacking lately. I'm actually really excited these guys exist. Period.
They're also playing NXNE.

The Bats Pajamas
Another Black Lips sounding surf'y badass garage pop punk sounding band to send silver linings into dark corners of your office at work.
They're a little bit angry and it's quite the turn on. Ang-gina in ma vah-gina. Hotttttttttt.
Playing NXNE too.

Teen Tits Wild Wives
Whoever came up with this band name deserves a thousand Gold Stars for great work.
I might only be saying that because it has 'tits' in the title. Ha, title also has 'tit' in it, ALSO AWESOME.
uh so yeah, they also deserve another thousand for great music.
They're kind of folky, a little poppy, somewhat rocky with a touch of punk and a shake of experimental noise whatever. I've only heard this song but I'm already in love.
Again, playing NXNE.

So many good bands... I honestly suggest going to the site and listening to every band, one by one.
There is a LOT to discover.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.