Topanga @ The Horseshoe !

No, I'm not talking about the big tittid hottie from Boy Meets World.

I mean the super awesome quasi-punky-indie-pop-rock-fun band Topanga from Toronto.
I've been listening to them non stop since CMW and was incredibly excited to see them live again, at an actual show vs a cmw (the c stands for craptastic) showcase.
Once again I was completely blown away by their performance.
The weight of their live sound always surprises me. They crank up the rock outs and heavily jam their little hearts out, transforming from that cute and friendly album sound into that of drilling intensity. It's a spectacle that I wish I could continue watching over and over on some sort of go-go-Gadget projector screen tucked away in a hat that remembers every awesome show memory such as this for future enjoyment.
 The energy they project on stage matches this new accelerated sound, each member bouncing around and the singer jumping up onto the bass drum, the amps, whatever he could. Near the end everybody was banging on the cymbals with their instruments, making as much racket as possible and somehow sounding fucking awesome doing it.
They played the perfect combination of songs from their EPs and songs that as far as I know aren't on any available album yet (OR ARE THEY, IF SO GIMME!) and I loved singing along to the ones I knew equally as much as I loved hearing the ones I didn't know, and can't wait to hear again.
They even covered The Hives, something my boyfriend has raved about at least 6 times since the show last night because NOBODY ever covers The Hives, and they should be covered all the time.

Definitely one of the best bands to see live in this city / province / country / continent / world / planet / infinity and beyond.

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