The Black Frame Spectacle

There's nothing worse for me than a band that is neither great nor terrible.
The Black Frame Spectacle isn't the type of band you'd find falling from your ass into the toilet, but they aren't one that you'd find exploding from your junk either.
I listened to them yesterday in order to review them but for the life of me couldn't concentrate on them enough to write a single word.
I'm having the exact same problem today.
I don't hate them, which would have made it much easier because I'm awesome at being an asshole.
I don't love them either though. Although some tracks like #7 (see below) are totally growing on me.

It says on their FB that they are a band like no other, but I find the opposite true.
I think their sound is all too familiar... it's that almost-rockabilly almost-punk, mostly-rock and a lotta-alternative type of music that's at the Bovine every weekend.

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