SLATES are a melodic punkrock'n'roll band from Edmonton who like Ghostbusters II better than the first one. At least Lee does according to their FACEBOOK PAGE .
I can't say I disagree. But I can't say I agree either.
Ghostbuster politics aside I'm like a dog in a garden when it comes to their new album Prairie Winds... just a'diggin'!
The album sports a harder, more serious sound falling under the 'rock' side of punk rock up until track #8 when it suddenly does a stage dive in the other direction with an upbeat, purely punk song which so happens to be my favourite off the album.
They don't indulge in this side of themselves for very long though, and the next track they're right back to the raw rock-stantines sound (that's a play on Constantines, because at times that's who they remind me of!).
From then on the songs seem to get progressively more abrasive, ending with a shit-solid-melodid(...crap) anthem-worthy gem that leaves the drums banging and guitars ripping away in your head long after it's over.
I'm loving it.
They've been compared to bands like Black Flag, Fugazi, Husker Du and The Replacements, so they've got to be quite great to end up with such similarities.

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