Hot Chip ... hot diggity, dog ziggity, boom, what'cha do to me!

Ostensibly the new Hot Chip album cover for In Our Heads is just a bunch of lines forming odd shapes around various colours, most of which resemble Pac-Man trapped in a bailing press.
However, when you hear the substance behind the art the shapes start to move along to the music and take on new meaning, revealing its true foreshadowing purpose.
I can see it all now.
Each shape is a person crammed onto a sweaty dance floor.
Each colour represents the type of E that person is on.
Or, in a PG13 rated world or under it's the colours reflecting off of the disco ball.
Either way, this image fully represents the mood and style you're to expect from this album.
Epic upbeat pop party anthems infected heavily with 80's and 90's swagger. Songs drunk off disco beats and flying colours, sung by big hair'd bobble heads with necks made specifically for spinning and swaying, all the while screaming "YES" in motion.
It's enough to melt your face off.
I'm imagining an alternate ending to Face/Off, where both Nicolas and John get burned in a fire but it's OK because the fire is Hot Chip, and it feels good to die to disco.


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