NXNE DAY #1: Gus + Scout @ El Mocambo (downstairs)

Gus + Scout were dicks down the BEST discovery of this years NXNE.
And this is way before I figured out that Scout is related to Bruce Willis.
Unlike the last band I saw/wrote about, the nervous stage presence really really worked for Gus + Scout, and it added to their enticing personas.
They were, by far, the coolest duo I've ever seen on a stage together.
And I'm not forgetting their bassist and drummer who, although aren't included in the Gus + Scout, still helped to make the group and performance so perfectly awesome by rocking the fuck out to music I never expected to feature such rock outs.
Back to Gus + Scout...
Imagine if Syd & Nancy and Johnny & June Carter Cash 's spirits all morphed together in heaven / hell / wherever they are and decided to take over the current bodies of The XX, with some Janis Joplin influence somewhere in there.
The final product would be G + S.
The pair sang so wonderfully that I was - no word of a lie - close to tears their whole performance.
I haven't stopped listening to the 3 songs up on their bandcamp since that beautiful night.
And I'm yet to be sick of any of them.

They covered the song "Da Doo Ron Ron" by The Crystals live and slowed it down, stripped it of the 'da doo ron ron'ness of the original and made it incredibly sultry and endearing. In my opinion they deserved a thousand more claps and cheers than the audience allotted them that night.
Again, THE best discovery of NXNE 2012.


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