NXNE DAY #1: South of France @ El Mocambo (upstairs)

I'm not quite sure what happened or why, but one of my most anticipated acts of NXNE just didn't end up playing at the El Mocambo at the time they were listed to.
They are South of France and I was really looking forward to their upbeat indie beach pop the first night of the festival.

Disappointed, I was when they just didn't end up on stage and these two acoustic dudes took their place.
And what's worse is that I couldn't even TRY to enjoy whoever these guys were because of two (but mostly one) idiot slut(s) who kept trying to drag all these guys up towards the stage to dance, acting as if she were really the whore that she LOOKED like in order to gather all these pathetic guys around the stage to feign fans for her (I'm assuming here) boyfriend with the guitar.
If this duo ever stumbles upon this review please note that THESE GIRLS RUINED YOUR SHOW FOR YOU. I would have probably liked your cute acoustic folky pop if it weren't for your dumb whores. LOSE THE CUNTS AND GET BETTER REVIEWS!
That is all.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.