NXNE DAY #1: Your Neck of the Woods @ The Piston

I just discovered Your Neck of the Woods when I was preparing my day 1 schedule. I was drawn to the fun, twangy, sway-worthy folk/bluegrass meets pop style sound and decided to catch them at The Piston to kick off the week.
Any band that consists of banjo, stand up bass, violin, mandolin, washboard and cowbell are worth a listen in my books.
Unfortunately they were lacking a banjo player, which was a shame, but nothing TOO detrimental to the performance.
What I did find somewhat harmful was the extremely awkward stage banter.
Granted, the band looks fairly young AND it was NXNE which would make many seasoned artists nervous, but I'd almost rather not hear any talking than hear the cringe-worthy back and forth blunder that went on.
AND the tuning was absolutely ridiculous. I get tuning on stage to an extent, but this was borderline unprepared, and it's a short set at a huge festival so like, get your shit together!
That said, their music made up for these annoyances. Including the fact that it was at one of the most terrible venues - aside from Painted Lady - that is just unequipped space-wise to have shows. I get so grumpy every time I step in there, and it was really hard to stick around until the end of the set with all these band dudes who thought they were so cool (who played later that night I'm assuming) pushing by and in front of me the entire set without any respect towards the band playing. One dude was wearing the most disgusting outfit of douchey suspenders and I just wanted to punch him. If anybody saw the bands following YNOTW and recognize who I'm talking about let me know so I can make fun of the band for him being such a douche. Because he was. I remember him far more than I remember the band, unfortunately. His fault not theirs. BUT like I said the music was good enough to keep me almost until the end, I think I only missed like half a song.
The girl has an incredible voice, and they reminded me of a way-more-blue-grass-y Old Man Markley, who I LOVE.
I enjoyed the violin solo the most.
And the fact that they admitted to needing to work on their stage banter before playing a killer dance number.
In the end all is forgiven.
But remember what your parents used to tell you: If you can't say anything interesting, don't say anything at all.

What, your parents didn't tell you that?
Oh.... I see how it is mom and dad.


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