NXNE DAY #3: Ambisonic @ The Rochester / Times Neue Roman + Sandman Viper Command @ Sneaky Dee's

First of all I just used up all my wacky brain power on the Brasstronaut review I just wrote, so I'm all out of care bears for this one.
Second of all I have barely any notes / memory of these shows because, let's face it, Friday night of NXNE - the first night I didn't have to wake up for work the next day - clearly I was drunk.
So let's jut half-ass these last 3 of the night and call it even so I can play some Batman Asylum and pass the fack auoot.

I only caught the very last bit of Ambisonic's set but I enjoyed what I saw. Badass drummin' and some guitarin' to match, and considering that's all the band consists of I'd consider them to be SUPERbadass. Chizzeck them out hrrrr.

Times Neue Roman were also just finishing up their set when I got to Sneaky Dee's and it was so fucking refreshing to hear some hip hop in the nxne'hizzzauss. I really enjoyed them, it was like watching the 90's.. more specifically an episode of Fresh Prince.

Sandman Viper Command then took to the stage, and I went from excited to see/hear them again because I used to be a fan to super disappointed because they sounded like a bazillion times poppier than I remember and were not at all what I expected to hear from them. It's almost as if the singers balls went from dropped to, well, not dropped. It was sad, so sad. So sappy. So boring. So, BLEH.

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