NXNE DAY #5: The Pussypops & Tight Nuns @ Crawford

I hate the Crawford. Normally. NXNE I hated it more than ever. WORST RUN SHOW of the Festival for sure. I walked in at exactly 8:45 when The Pussypops were supposed to take the stage. Not a soul in sight at the door to check passes/wristbands/take money or anywhere, and the band wasn't even on stage yet. They started soon after, which was great, but halfway through their second song as I'm standing there trying to watch and review the band this dude from the bar comes around to ID the crowd. A little late considering by that time most of the people downstairs already had a beer in hand. Get your shit together and take ID's at the door, this is the last day of a huge festival, what . the . fuck . Crawford . ! Don't disturb people after the band has begun. Annoyinggggg! LUCKILY The Pussypops popped my pussy well enough for me to forget ALLL about where I was or how much I hated it. They were like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's ate out the Distillers and burped out this raunchy indie puss pop punk. FUCKING AWESOME! I wish I had some music of theirs to share with you but it's on it's way. Until then, visually pop your pussy by visiting their FACEBOOK.

Tight Nuns I saw a while ago and loved. And I loved them again. This is my last review of NXNE and I JUST WANT IT TO ENDDDDD. SO just believe me when I say they are awesome. and I was too tired to really pay more attention than that. Check them out here.

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