NXNE DAY#2: The Motorleague AND Careers In Science @ The Rochester

This was my first time at The Rochester since it's venue debut, and I have to say it's AWESOME. It's got that sleazy strip club feel to it, lots of booths and TWO BARS! Holy macaroni boner man! More shows here please...and less skin.

I got there JUST in time to catch The Motorleague and I'm really kicking myself for not arriving sooner and seeing their whole set. Unfortunately that's the curse of festivals like NXNE, too much running around and not enough seeing-of-bands.
What I saw really blew my butt away (not to be confused with farting, it didn't make me fart, but my butt was blown.)
The dudes in Careers In Science were pumping them guys up so much that I knew I had to see them, and by doing so I performed my own little experiment PROVING THAT SCIENTISTS ARE TRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE!!!
At least when it comes to musical recommendations.
In the short time I heard them they reminded me of Careers In Science actually, mixed with "The Decline" by NOFX. It was absolutely riveting. Hallelujah and all that jazz.


Careers In Science hit the stage soon after, and I feel redundant reviewing them AGAIN but I just have to show them more love, because they deserve it!
Fortunately they had a new song which I decided to focus this piece on. And guess what: IT IS MY FAVOURITE SONG YET.
For serious. It was really fucking good. And I can't wait to hear it again because I only have my notes to go by (I was really drunk).
Did I mention they all had superhero shirts on?
Because that's fucking bAd AsS.
AND even the bartenders were rocking out to them.
AND I believe for the first time the bassist was free to mosey around the stage AND through the crowd while playing, and boy did he seem to enjoy himself. And I enjoyed it to. And so did everyone else. Even his dad, who I met!
They even had the singer of Drugs In Japan join them on stage for a song.
Killer set buddiez!
Now check out a really short clip I made:


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