NXNE DAY#3: Brasstronaut @ The Gladstone Ballroom

"uh, can we get more clarinet in the monitor?" - Brasstronaut on stage at NXNE

Damn. I was hoping to channel some Beetlejuice magic in the house - literally, in my house in Toronto.
Repeating something any number of times in order for something to appear just doesn't fucking work. GHAKKK.
Not only is Beetlejuice a sham of a legend (and by legend I mean movie), Bloody Mary never once materialized screaming/cursing/strangling me, nor did the Candyman emerge to hook me .. and Biggie sure as hell never showed up to shoot me in the face.

Bummers all around, right?
Yet, here I am crossing my fingers (but not my toes, miracles don't respond to the greedy) and repeating 'Brasstronaut' ceaselessly hoping to be swept back to the third night at NXNE with them on the stage in front of me.
I wonder if I should just look for some sort of large whistle and hope it warps me to the right day. Might have butter luck. heh.
too late?
Honestly though, Brasstronaut was the highlight of my NXNE experience for sure. I have been waiting for so long to see them again it felt like an alien life form was living in my chest desperately trying to get out and attach itself to the band in order to stay alive.
(uhhhh want to know what I'm talking about? watch the movie Slither)
I mean, I get shivers from just hearing them. Actual shivers, like the ones that you get when you're getting off... of a higher-than-you-expected step.
And live.. live they are just magical.
It's like nothing else matters when they are on stage.
Although I'd say that they have that affect on crappy computer speakers alone.
They played a WAY TOO SHORT set consisting of almost all new songs.
As disappointed as I was that I didn't get to hear the songs I've been repeating over and over and over,  their new stuff is fantastic and it was impossible not to enjoy it no matter how familiar it was to the ears.

If you ever see this, Brasstronaut... please come back!

Although I understand if it takes you a long time to find your singer/etc in order to do so.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.