NXNE DAY#3: METZ @ Wrongbar

Wrongbar is the WRONG BAR (tee hee) for punk shows. It's an awesome venue, and an awesome dance bar, but unfortunately carries the same crowd no matter which is happening. I had to leave the METZ show partly because of the idioDICK audience that I was stuck behind near the back. It was my fault for getting their late, but totally their faults for being alive. It's called a bridge guys, go jump off one.
For reals though, I overheard some cunt in the bathroom complaining about getting pushed by a dude in the pit because she wanted to be in front of the stage. She had the most annoying "like, you know, whatever" voice and her friends were equally as dumb and reminded me of this:

I'm sorry but, IT WAS A PUNK SHOW. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN BITCHES GET IN THE WAY AT A PUNK SHOW. Go eat a cock sandwich or something and grow some balls.
It didn't help when she admitted to not even being there for the band or knowing who they were. Clearly just Wrongbar regulars showing up on a Friday night to ruin my fun.

IF it hadn't been for them skankz I would have had a perfectly splendid time. METZ were, no surprise, FUCKING AWESOME and noisy as hell, and no word of a lie one of the band dudes actually rocked his glasses right out of the frames. WOWZERS!
I've missed seeing them every other time in Toronto and can finally breathe a sigh of relief (aka orgasm) at catching them this time around.
Not to mention I'll be seeing them at SAPPYFEST this summer, which I'm shitting balls over already.
Honestly, they are way better live than on album.
Go see them, k?


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