Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs review BY JULIAN!

Right from the opening drum roll, I can feel the nostalgia behind Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs.  
That familiar sounding descending guitar riff immediately brought me back to that lovely autumn day on the farm, with a cider in my hand and a breeze at my back.  It's crazy how easy it is for music to send you back to the most wonderful of memories, and with SCATIL (hahaha scat) in your ears it's impossible to remember anything except the best of times.
The raw rowdy-yet-lazy singing brought me back to those wonderful days surrounded by green, where you have a million things to do before the sun goes down, but just can't help moseying along slowly and enjoying every barrage on your senses.  Anyway, enough about my mindscape.   
Happy, happy, happy. That's what it sounds like to me. 
From the first note of this EP to the last note.  
Vocal harmonies throughout the record are spot on, which always makes this guy super fucking stoked. What makes them even better is that they are spot on in the "notes are right" sense, not in the  "auto-tune these harmonies so you can barely notice them" sense. 
It's like they're a band, comprised of dudes, singing songs they like! Who would have thought?  
Add that to some greasy quasi-twangy guitar and upbeat perfectly-simple drumming and you've got yourself a feel-good couple tunes!
The highlight of this release for me was at the end of "Lose that bitch".  Not only does the song scream 'locomotion' influence & 50's r&r (that's rock & roll for you acronym-impaired) influence in general, but that INCREDIBLE falsetto 'la la la la laaaaa' mixed with the too-deep-for-my-normal-voice doodle-doodle-dah is just a fan-FUCKING-tastic addition.  No song should be without a part like that.
Overall, an exciting release that really shows what SCATIL have to offer. I can imagine it live, 12 beers deep, twice as fast.  Fucking fun.  That is all.