Stella Ella Ola, clap clap clap, say yes, chicko chicko, chicko chicko chak!

I warn you, this review will be as quick as a Monk's first sexcapade.
I'm pretty much on vacation as soon as I finish it, so judge me not lest ye want me to slap ye.

Last night I hit up the legend-waitforit.......-ary Silver Dollar to see Stella Ella Ola and a few other bands I'd never heard of.
I showed up in time for a band called Grounders to hit the stage and was surprised to see such a solid band with the ever-popular orchestral-indie-pop-avec-rock-outs sound playing so early in the night. Each song was a masterpiece, I want to say they're all classically trained musicians but I have NO idea if that's true. It just sounded like it, which is awesome if they are and even awesome'er if they aren't. They reminded me of Arcade Fire and Bend Sinister... and everything in between that's popular these days. Hipster rock at it's best.

The next band, Reversing Falls I believe, I missed most of because of a much needed trip to Burger King. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Burger King is the best, tied with Wendys.

Anyway, from what I saw of them they were ok. The drummer LOVED the ol' stick spin trick, and pulled it off each of the hundred times times I caught him do it in the span of 2 songs. They played Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy" slowed down and spruced up a bit which I liked because, well, I pretty much AM that band (my last name is Lit...t). But other than that I don't have much to judge them on, thanks a lot BK.

Stella Ella Ola were up last, and later than I expected. I was tired and cranky and judging by their somewhat shaky start I almost regretted sticking around. The girl in the band seemed really awkward at first, and the bassist just seemed wasted and a bit like Russell Brandt who I HAAAATE. I was shocked to see them this way, based on how professional and perfect their recorded songs are.
To my relief things smoothed out within the first song. Just pre-playing jitters I guess, which happens to the best! By the second song the lady KILLED it as lead singer, looking hot, confident and enticing like a true rockstar. The only thing that annoyed me about her performance from then on was the number of times she looked over at the guitarist. Are they banging? Was that her first show? Whatever the reason it was super uncomfortable to watch her watch him while she could have easily been woo'ing the crowd with those eyes.
That, and the stage banter I wasn't digging.
The music was fantastic though, and the songs I didn't know off the EP were really exciting to hear, especially the 1 2 3 4 song... the best song I heard all night.

Luckily for my grumpybutt their set wasn't very long and I was able to get home to bed by 1am like an old fart.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Motorleague, a motor league of their own!

If Ian Blurton of C'Mon produces a record you don't need to hear it to know it's good.
The Motorleague unquestionably live up to that assumption... but are somehow able to go above and beyond it.
I mean, I knew the album would be amazing because of IB.. but it's way more amazing than I dreamed.
I guess that means the band themselves are as phenomenal as their producer!
They sound like a blend of all my old punk favourites but not too much like one in particular, which gives them a uniqueness to their punk sound while still being AWESOME and old school. Well, late 90's early 2000's old school that is.

Not only do they fucking rock music-wise, but nice-guy-wise too.
They're raising money for Cystic Fibrosis Canada!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Teen Violence IS the answer.

Like this song?

Are you incapable of getting sick of it, like I am?
Do you love every cover, especially the Me First and the Gimme Gimme's punktastic version?
Do you wish that you were part of the scene when this style of music was booming?

If you answered yes to any or all or some or most of these pointless questions or even just answered at all then this review is for YOU!

So is the band Teen Violence. For fans of surf pop indie punk rock of any era, but mostly the era of Richard Simmons.

I grew up with my mom Sweatin' To The Oldies so songs like "My Boyfriend's Back", "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" and "Big Girls Don't Cry" are what molded my musical tastes of today.
When I hear band now that sounds like this it's enough to make me THIS happy:

Pearl necklace included in that statement.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Canadian Shield: Rocks who rock.


I don't know if my brain is just in the middle of a long-winded fart, but I just cannot pinpoint who or what The Canadian Shield - a 2 piece from Toronto - remind me of.
I feel like it's a painfully obvious band, but I can't put my finger on it.
Aside from this question mark band these guys also give me ear-visions of Bruce Springsteen on one hand, and The Constantines on the other.
But what they really sound like is Canadian.
And like they belong in the late 60's, early 70's when true bluesy rock n roll was really making its mark in history.
Scratch that, they don't belong back then considering their indie sing-a-long parts like in "Out of my Hands" and "66 Spadina" that just drive the woman in me WILD, but they are MORE than worthy of that era in rock and roll.
Their 7 song EP Songs for the Dead In Love has already made it to the 'Top Played' list on my iTunes and it's only been a few days since it was added. Each song is beautifully structured and it's almost impossible for me to believe they're sound is created by only 2 people.
There's something Doors'y about that.
Check them out.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


Ew lik omg hav u guyz seen dis new like Owl Shitty vid, it'z like soooooooooo yuck. let me b strait wit u 1st, i frikin LOVE Carly Rae Jepsen, she can do no wrong. but like whyyyyy would she b in a song/video wit dis LOSER Owl Shitty, wat a creeper wit them yung girlz and like his face is like sooooooooo gross, he's a horrible lip syncer ew, he can't even look cool while driving a nice car, dat says a lot bout a guy. he should go back to hiz parentz bedroom. like EW.

I'm Sarah. Come at me, bro.

Reactions - Archetypes

The band is called Reactions and the EP titled Archetypes. My first thought is that should be the other way around, but hey it's not my band. I guess they're trying to be all deep and emotion-based with a name like Reactions. Like their music is how they 'react' to life, or some straight bullshit of that sort. Either way I'm not buying what they're selling... which is prostituted feelings!
It sounds like they ripped off all the vocal harmonies from awesome old RX Bandits and then laid them on top of some shitty growling-emo-post-hardcore-crap that was big 8 years ago. I don't even have a comparison to name off because I HATE THAT SHIT.

In the press release they sent me the band is described as follows:
REACTIONS is not the typical rock band you might expect to find in Tempe AZ. Comprised of a diverse array of musical backgrounds, the band is made up of “secret” members, all hailing from previously well-known independent projects. Constructed of driving rhythms, catchy hooks and hard-hitting breakdowns, Reactions has created a new blend of rock and post-hardcore that is sure to turn heads.
Reactions was founded on a question…“Music is something you hear, right?” In an era where we obsessively consume the appearance of products, the concept of “hearing” may well be non-existent. Reactions launched the “Faceless” movement soon after the band was formed. The intent is to promote self-expression and encourage listeners to take pride in being different.
By covering their faces, band members Joseph Cook, Otis Loken, Tom Wright, Tony Azevedo and Kane Cooper give up the individualized attention typically desired by musicians. The act is done in an attempt to create a community of people brought together not by a shared interest in the latest trend, but by the love for music.
Now, I totally love the idea of hiding your identity so it can really be about the music not the image - though that is kind of a gimmick in itself - and it's always been extra exciting to finally discover facts like Paul McCartney being the mastermind behind The Firemen.
BUT... these dudes just listed their names, so...
1. their identities aren't secret.
2. anybody can just look up what they look like still, defeating the purpose, right?

AND ... all that jizz about bringing people together by a shared interest not latest trend, and promoting self expression and encouraging people to be different... um:
1. their music is following ONLY trends... and like, totally way behind on that.
2. they're all bagging their faces, therefore all look the same. And under those bags you better believe your butt that they all fall into the typical hip emo hardcore look that every band is sporting these days. So, HOW are you individual?

UGH I just hate them.
Listen to them HERE and hate them too, okay, because I love those who conform to how I think, which is why I blog about shitty bands!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

the Magic are back!

the Magic are back with a new album, and in order to explain how awesome of it just think of 3 things you consider the best parts of life.

What did you come up with?
Let me guess, if you're a guy reading this site I'm going to say tits and music were maybe among your top 3:

The third was probably some form of delicious food, like bacon, or ice cream, or fried chicken.
Well, combine ALL OF THE ABOVE and this new Magic album is that.
Delicious musical TITS.
Now go jerk off to it, like I am right now.

I'm Sarah. I'll jerk it if I want to.

Ducking Punches - I Am Arturo Bandini

It's unusual for a band to earn a 'punk' label based on name and vocals alone.
Every time I hear Ducking Punches I consider them a punk band despite their wholesome, violin-riddled acoustic folk jams.
For one the name Ducking Punches just screams punkrawk, even though when I think about it it totally could be considered emo. Somehow, regardless of the music in this case it just ISN'T.
The singers voice, raspy and British, has the feel of a punk rock frontman with a softer, solo side project, though I have NO idea if this is the case or not.
The new 7", I Am Arturo Bandini, consists of 4 solid sing-a-long-worthy songs featuring acoustic build-ups that make you feel like some dude with a mohawk has reached into your chest and started wrenching out your heart, one strum at a time.
I think what it all means is, as a punk fan, Ducking Punches are worthy of love. Even if they aren't punk rock. Us punk lovin' judgemental dicks have no problem appreciating this borderline-sappy folk sound.
That says a lot!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Pool Party!!!!!!

Now that's a name that draws attention on these hot summer days.
Pool Party are a band from....uh, somewhere,  and they're kind of like a mix between Wheatus, Kid Dynamite and the Vandals.
Fun, wacky, punk rock that leads to this sort of pool party:


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Apollo Cobra - Motherland

Picture this: Fujiya & Miyagi and Hot Chip are having a dance off, and Gerry Rafferty's ghost flies in with his sax and just starts wailing, interrupting the dance off so that everybody just starts moving together instead of competing. DANCE TRUCE.
THAT is what Motherland reminds me of.
It's fucking phenomenal.
I have mastered the seat tit dance, where I just throw my chest around from side to side and up and down in unison with the drums so that I can dance at my desk at work.
Some day I'll make a YouTube video of it, but for now just picture tits bouncing.
This album is as great as bouncing tits.
This album makes tits bounce.
This album IS the tits.
HARD ONES. ( >)( >)
Basically this album is Baywatch.


I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Ocular Audio Experiment

This album cover easily explains what you're in store for when you listen to The Ocular Audio Experiment.
Psychedelic indie waves of kaleidoscopic rock vibrating it's way into the heart of your ears.
It's bonerdelic. Bonerscopic? BONERLICIOUS!
Although I find it hard to concentrate on... I just keep zoning out.
Great for zzmoking to.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want. 

Craig Wedren - BABY - Baby

So. Craig Wedren is Baby. And his upcoming release is called Baby. But it's not a NEW release, it came out in 2004 and he's just re-releasing it. He has a song featured on the upcoming DVD release of David Wain's Wanderlust, which Craig/Baby scored. 
Do you follow? 
I love David Wain and for that reason alone I listened to the album. It's got this summery punky disco 90's sound that kind of reminds me of Head Automatica in some tracks and Len in others.
To be honest it's exactly what I would have loved back in 2004. In 2012 I like it, but I don't love it. 

The times, they have a'changed. 
Still, I can see this album getting mighty popular, again, so you might as well download this free song so you can be hip and cool and in the know when people start to talk about it. 

mp3: BABY - "Giddyup" 

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.