Ducking Punches - I Am Arturo Bandini

It's unusual for a band to earn a 'punk' label based on name and vocals alone.
Every time I hear Ducking Punches I consider them a punk band despite their wholesome, violin-riddled acoustic folk jams.
For one the name Ducking Punches just screams punkrawk, even though when I think about it it totally could be considered emo. Somehow, regardless of the music in this case it just ISN'T.
The singers voice, raspy and British, has the feel of a punk rock frontman with a softer, solo side project, though I have NO idea if this is the case or not.
The new 7", I Am Arturo Bandini, consists of 4 solid sing-a-long-worthy songs featuring acoustic build-ups that make you feel like some dude with a mohawk has reached into your chest and started wrenching out your heart, one strum at a time.
I think what it all means is, as a punk fan, Ducking Punches are worthy of love. Even if they aren't punk rock. Us punk lovin' judgemental dicks have no problem appreciating this borderline-sappy folk sound.
That says a lot!

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