Reactions - Archetypes

The band is called Reactions and the EP titled Archetypes. My first thought is that should be the other way around, but hey it's not my band. I guess they're trying to be all deep and emotion-based with a name like Reactions. Like their music is how they 'react' to life, or some straight bullshit of that sort. Either way I'm not buying what they're selling... which is prostituted feelings!
It sounds like they ripped off all the vocal harmonies from awesome old RX Bandits and then laid them on top of some shitty growling-emo-post-hardcore-crap that was big 8 years ago. I don't even have a comparison to name off because I HATE THAT SHIT.

In the press release they sent me the band is described as follows:
REACTIONS is not the typical rock band you might expect to find in Tempe AZ. Comprised of a diverse array of musical backgrounds, the band is made up of “secret” members, all hailing from previously well-known independent projects. Constructed of driving rhythms, catchy hooks and hard-hitting breakdowns, Reactions has created a new blend of rock and post-hardcore that is sure to turn heads.
Reactions was founded on a question…“Music is something you hear, right?” In an era where we obsessively consume the appearance of products, the concept of “hearing” may well be non-existent. Reactions launched the “Faceless” movement soon after the band was formed. The intent is to promote self-expression and encourage listeners to take pride in being different.
By covering their faces, band members Joseph Cook, Otis Loken, Tom Wright, Tony Azevedo and Kane Cooper give up the individualized attention typically desired by musicians. The act is done in an attempt to create a community of people brought together not by a shared interest in the latest trend, but by the love for music.
Now, I totally love the idea of hiding your identity so it can really be about the music not the image - though that is kind of a gimmick in itself - and it's always been extra exciting to finally discover facts like Paul McCartney being the mastermind behind The Firemen.
BUT... these dudes just listed their names, so...
1. their identities aren't secret.
2. anybody can just look up what they look like still, defeating the purpose, right?

AND ... all that jizz about bringing people together by a shared interest not latest trend, and promoting self expression and encouraging people to be different... um:
1. their music is following ONLY trends... and like, totally way behind on that.
2. they're all bagging their faces, therefore all look the same. And under those bags you better believe your butt that they all fall into the typical hip emo hardcore look that every band is sporting these days. So, HOW are you individual?

UGH I just hate them.
Listen to them HERE and hate them too, okay, because I love those who conform to how I think, which is why I blog about shitty bands!

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