Stella Ella Ola, clap clap clap, say yes, chicko chicko, chicko chicko chak!

I warn you, this review will be as quick as a Monk's first sexcapade.
I'm pretty much on vacation as soon as I finish it, so judge me not lest ye want me to slap ye.

Last night I hit up the legend-waitforit.......-ary Silver Dollar to see Stella Ella Ola and a few other bands I'd never heard of.
I showed up in time for a band called Grounders to hit the stage and was surprised to see such a solid band with the ever-popular orchestral-indie-pop-avec-rock-outs sound playing so early in the night. Each song was a masterpiece, I want to say they're all classically trained musicians but I have NO idea if that's true. It just sounded like it, which is awesome if they are and even awesome'er if they aren't. They reminded me of Arcade Fire and Bend Sinister... and everything in between that's popular these days. Hipster rock at it's best.

The next band, Reversing Falls I believe, I missed most of because of a much needed trip to Burger King. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Burger King is the best, tied with Wendys.

Anyway, from what I saw of them they were ok. The drummer LOVED the ol' stick spin trick, and pulled it off each of the hundred times times I caught him do it in the span of 2 songs. They played Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy" slowed down and spruced up a bit which I liked because, well, I pretty much AM that band (my last name is Lit...t). But other than that I don't have much to judge them on, thanks a lot BK.

Stella Ella Ola were up last, and later than I expected. I was tired and cranky and judging by their somewhat shaky start I almost regretted sticking around. The girl in the band seemed really awkward at first, and the bassist just seemed wasted and a bit like Russell Brandt who I HAAAATE. I was shocked to see them this way, based on how professional and perfect their recorded songs are.
To my relief things smoothed out within the first song. Just pre-playing jitters I guess, which happens to the best! By the second song the lady KILLED it as lead singer, looking hot, confident and enticing like a true rockstar. The only thing that annoyed me about her performance from then on was the number of times she looked over at the guitarist. Are they banging? Was that her first show? Whatever the reason it was super uncomfortable to watch her watch him while she could have easily been woo'ing the crowd with those eyes.
That, and the stage banter I wasn't digging.
The music was fantastic though, and the songs I didn't know off the EP were really exciting to hear, especially the 1 2 3 4 song... the best song I heard all night.

Luckily for my grumpybutt their set wasn't very long and I was able to get home to bed by 1am like an old fart.


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