Among Giants

Compared to bands like Joyce Manor, I had a bit of a predetermined idea of what Among Giants was going to sound like.
With the first few strums of the guitar I was convinced I knew what was coming, some emotional pop punk along the lines of Dashboard Confessional.
But then.... THE VOCALS HIT.
And I'm like, WHOA, this guys balls must have dropped all the way to the floor when he went through puberty. And that's NOT what I was expecting from the normally overly boyish whiny voices of pop punk.
At first I was too taken aback to like it. It just sounded so out of place and ... DEEP.
The more I listen though the more the shock of the manliness on mic faded and the more I started to appreciate the contrast.
The music is definitely part of the Joyce Manor, Man Overboard, Osker type emo/pop/punk family, but the vocals actually do more to set them apart from boringly disappearing into that genre.
Sometimes it makes me cringe, but I kind of like that it has such an effect on me.
If anything it's memorable among an overcrowded and overdone style of music these days.

Check it.

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