Autopsy Boys are the next Liam Lynch, or like, whatever.

Who remembers THIS gem, huh?

If you like this song I'm going to go out on a limb and ... whatever.
... and say you'll love this impertinent electro-punk band whose song "About Last Night" just screams 'Liam Lynch', as well as 'fuck you', with a 'whatever' attitude.
With mention of horror movies and computer games in their bio and songs I find the electro part of their punk rock nerdy enough to be forgivable, maybe even lovable! Even if you're not a fan of that electromumbojumbo it's a small price for your ears to pay until hearing the better sound of punk rock which they do oh so well... the song "Rich Kids Playground" for example is a great tune, worthy of 'whatever'ing some cheesy electronics to get to it.

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