Brews Willis, the band not Bruce's underage drunk daughter!

For those of you who don't know me / are reading this site for the first time, there are few things I love more than the following:

- Bruce Willis (Armageddon is my FAV movie... if it weren't for B Wills we'd all be dead.)

- Boners (both talking about them and physically enjoying them)

- Sharks (I live every week like it's shark week)

- Swearing (because otherwise I'd have a vocabulary of only 4 words: "I have to poop" ...and doesn't "I have to fucking poop" or "I fucking have to poop" sound so much cooler?)

- Tits (hey, I'm female and straight but that doesn't mean I don't think breasts are the tits!)

- Jokes (ex: "Skate or Dad Mom" - Brews Willis)

- Puns (ex: "Thy King of Brewslehem" - Brews Willis)

- Sexual innuendos ("Go Faster Not Deeper" - Brews Willis)

- Punk Rock (duh)

- Surf tunes (double duh)

That said, it shouldn't be a shock to anybody out there that I FUCKING love Brews Willis and their awesome FUCKING album Nerped By a Zircon.
It's 10 tracks of literally everything I love, written into tight, catchy, surf-capable, gritty punk rock music.
In fact, this band is so far up my alley that they just ran into Sylvester Stallone and called it Paradise.

With that terrible fucking joke I leave you with:
A) TITS ( . )( . ) annnnd ( > )( > )

So please forget all of the terribly dumb things I have said in this post and just listen to the band, h'okay?

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.