Careers In Science unleash FOREVERWOLF!

It was a hot and sweaty Friday night. The moon was full and fit for the transformation from regular ol' Whateverwolf to the bigger, badder, meaner, cleaner, keener'er FOREVERWOLF, the new full length from Careers In Science.

At the strike of midnight (for the purpose of a cool story... in reality it was probably not exactly midnight) the mad scientists hit the stage decked out in wolf shirts, and with the first strum of the guitars and the initial kick of the bass drum they mutated before our eyes from nerdy humans to anthropomorphic weremusicians!

They weren't the only stars of the night though. Buddy Black kicked off the party with one of the most killer sets I've witnessed in a long time, re-shocking me with how fucking awesome him and his band are. Did I mention that the bassist was wearing a cape? And never once addressed it? Cue my superhero lady boner. I could have called it a night after just watching him, but this was only the beginning!

Pkew Pkew Pkew were up next, and apparently their brofriends thought they were headlining and wasted a bunch of beer bro'ing down at the front and annoying everybody else in the joint, including myself who hooked the bands up with the Bovine for this show to begin with. The brosonas turned me off even wanting to hear the music they were bro'ing down to (even though the band is actually awesome when you broproof yourself to hear them) and they better hope that they didn't fuck me over for booking the venue again by being brotarded.

The Victim Party also played, and killed it, and their one singers wasted facial expressions made my life. They're always great though, so it was no surprise, and since the night was about Careers I will just end my praising here for this band. My only question to half the band was... where were you during the rest of the sets? Question mark ? I saw a few of them in and around during the other performances, but noticed most hung around outside for Careers CD release set, and that made me sad.

HOWEVER, Ian Blurton from C'Mon and like a thousand other awesome things showed up for some of the show, and that's fucking awesome.

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