Dinosaur Jr. w/ The Besnard Lakes @ Lee's Palace - Monday, September 24th

Within the last 20 minutes I went from feeling like Loki after shooting up a bunch of high rollin' douchebags to feeling like the Shit Demon as it rises from the toilet...only I'm doing the opposite and running to the bathroom instead.
Too much information?
Who cares!
That all said, my brain isn't functioning too well so I'm going to make this Dinosaur Jr review nice and short and quick... and coherent, if at all possible.
Last night I saw them and The Besnard Lakes for the first time at Lee's Palace, and holy me (shit) did it ever feel like a giant red check mark on the grand list of things to see in my life time.
The Besnard Lakes opened the show by rocking out far more than I expected them to, convincing me to go back and dust off their albums for another listen now that I've seen what they are capable of live. A little on the boring side on album, this was a great new impression of what and who they are and I have to admit I like them a LOT more now than I ever did before.

Dinosaur Jr, the legends themselves, hit the stage soon after and spectacularly solo'd their way through each of their amazing hits and many of their epic new tracks, the guitars and vocals fighting for power in the speakers the entire performance. The guitar won, it always does, but that's expected in the alternative rock genre this band respectively rules over in Dinosaur heaven.
It actually felt like each solo lasted for the entire Jurassic period, which blew my mind because this band is actually older than I am and I know I couldn't muster that much adrenaline in my fingers to keep them precisely plucking strings for half the amount of time that they did.
As I stood there watching the pink light reflecting off the drum symbols (a light which, soon after I made a note of this, the drummer amazingly hit forward with his stick so that it was no longer shining in his eyes... I'm assuming) I realized how fucking NORMAL and down to earth their performance was, considering they're a MASSIVELY popular band playing 3 nights at Lee's Palace in a row.
It made me respect them even more than I did going into the venue, if that's even possible.
Kids (I say kids, but they were mid-late 20 somethings like myself) were even crowd surfing and I kept expecting them to be sucked into a time warp that crowd-surfed them right back into the 90's. At least that's what it looked like from where I was standing, who knows if it was just the view, or the wine, or the music... whatever!
Definitely one of the most epic performances of my life and I'm so thankful to have gotten a chance to see it.

Sorry for the worst picture ever.

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