Fleeting Circus - Dream World Of Magic (not Narnia)

It seems almost meant-to-be, the way I got around to this review almost a month after it was asked of me, after I had re-discovered my obsession for Jeff Buckley this weekend past, and a few weeks after catching Deftones at Heavy T.O.!
Fleeting Circus are a Brazilian indie/alt rock quartet who bear a striking resemblance to the eerie genius of Jeff Buckley's more ambitious & rockin' album Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk... the one that he never got to finish.
This new EP Dream World Of Magic (Chronic-what-cles of Narnia inspired?) by Fleeting Circus almost feels like an extension of Buckley's last attempt, with a heavier 2000's twist to it that is reminiscent of Deftones signature style.
In many ways this makes their EP brilliant to my ears, but the unfortunate backlash to being compared to such a set of pipes (in both the above cases, mainly Buckley) is that the vocals will fall pathetically short no matter how great they are sans comparison. And they are great otherwise.
This is the type of band I never would have given another chance to had I not recently reminded myself of my Buckley and Deftones love, only based on their style of music not typically stiffening my prick as of late. That considered, I am now stiff as a board listening to the EP below.

Imagine this:

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