Gallows humour is the best, although this post isn't about that... it isn't even humorous.

Holy moly everybOdy, it's been a while since I've felt so inspired to write an album review hasn't it tho?
For some reason, probably a positive one, I can't not write about this new Gallows album right now.
I mean, there are so many things I'd rather be doing at this very moment.. such as reading my Charlie Louvin book, playing God of War or Echo the Dolphin, watching the latest America's Next Top Model (even though I fucking hate every single episode and Tyra Banks and the last few seasons themed shit I can't fucking stop watching the stupid show. you can tape down your tits all you want but you'll never be able to piss write your name in the snow) or sleeping. Yet here I am, writing a review.
I think it's due to how hard I've been anticipating this since Wade MacNeil joined and my favourite ginger punk departed.
I LOVEd Gallows and to think of an ex-Alexisonfire member fronting such a good fucking band was like thinking of losing a family member and some stranger appearing in their place expecting acceptance. My first reaction was to scream NO and spit in the face of their new album. I absolutely despised Alexisonfire and it's been really hard to see Wade as a separate entity. Black Lungs is probably the only reason that I even gave him+Gallows a chance. Black Lungs are a great band, and they definitely pushed me towards seeing him in positive light.
While he can't match Frank's impeccable scrocals (scream+vocals? too much like scrotum? no? yes?) Wade's voice actually doesn't sound half bad, and the music is still the same dirty cock rock punk as the first 2 albums.
Thank Jebus the nitty gritty Bronx-esque sound has not been affected at all, and instead of fitting into the previous vocals like Cinderella's foot into that uncomfortable looking glass slipper.. Wade shatters the shoe into pieces, kicks away the debris and makes it work in his own damn shoes.

So... uh... I respect a member of Alexisonfire now. WHOA.


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