Lockjaw Records ... contrary to the name they do NOT suck dick!

I have a couple of newish (was new, but I took too long to get to them) albums from Lockjaw Records (who should really consider my slogan in the title, I think it's clever, and I'll give it to them for FREE!) that you should probably check out.

Just so you know I know a girl who got lockjaw from sucking dick. I hope she doesn't read this... either way it makes my slogan true AND funny!

First off here's an EP by The Bastard Sons for you to check out. For fans of Gallows, Cancer Bats, The Bronx and all those other awesome riff-heavy rock'n'roll infused punk bands. Go ahead, just listen! It's bookmark worthy for future listen.
I say that because I just did it, so it's TOTALLY TRUE! (Wow, what a great review. It rhymes, but it still sucks cock.... LOCKJAW... okay what the fuck am I saying?) Just listen:

Check them out on Facebook.

The second band is called Anchors and they have a new album called Lost At The Bottom Of The World and I'm fucking obsessed with it. They remind me of Belvedere a lot, with the best kind of slurring lisp-like punk rock vocals that melt my heart... and vagina. OooOoOoOOOooooOo! Scandalous! Check out this song here:

And listen to more on their Facebook page.

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