My Thursday Quest To Defunct The Funk (PART 1)

You know those days when a bad mood hangs over your head like smelly fart fumes linger under the covers after a night of beer and nachos?
Well this week has felt like an elephant 'let one rip' into an air tight plastic bag and somehow fastened it tightly around my neck, suffocating me with the rank funk. Not even google-ing synonyms for 'fart' seems to help.
Probably because it's not as funny as I hoped, and not the first time I've done it.
The smell really started to hit me when I put on my favourite band ever of right now, The Briggs, and just felt numb to each beat of the drum that used to kick my heart in to boner-gear.
But instead of sitting around bummed out about smelly butts, I have decided to look for inspiration from the influential people in my life.... like Link - he was able to overcome his mother being killed in the war (and in one story I believe his dad disowned him for an entire plot) and still became a great protector of his land, and saviour of the Princess.
Using music as my Magic Sword, I am creating a playlist of bands who can snap me out this stench of a week, and I call it....

Sarah the De-Funk'er of Homosapiens

First up on the list: Defiance, Ohio The angstier songs like this one that sound almost Modest Mouse'like are the best for de-funking.

Next, any or all of these songs by The Magic never fail to put a smile on my face.

This one is a no brainer.

ANYTHING that Brendan Kelly has done will teach a bitch to stop her cryin'!

The cast of Star Wars singing "Call Me Maybe" is like the 2 greatest things in life combined to make everyone elated... or is it just me?

Frontier Ruckus make even the coldest hearts as warm as microwave popcorn kernels that didn't pop.

And just my luck my Ipod died... to be continued!!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.