This Century Sucks.

What would Miley Cyrus sound like if she took hormone pills and got a penis transplant then multiplied herself by 4 and started a band to REALLY distance herself from that Disney image?
She would sound like crap.
And that crap would be called This Century.
I'm sure hundreds of little girls are going to attack me for saying that, but as the lyrics go: "she don't care, and I don't care". She being Miley Cyrus, because she's got enough on her plate fending off those lesbian rumours and Justin Beiber comparisons since she chopped off her lovely locks.
The music is "cute"... I'll give you that.
My question then is: if you take a honkin' load of dog POO, and put flowers in it and sprinkle sparkles around it... is it still SHIT?
Also known as: Manure.
All the 'do do's and 'la la's in the world can not transform this music from the crap it is into beautiful and lovely .


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