Brews Willis @ Parts & Labour

Holy shit, Parts & Labour moved their shit around and it's the SHIT!
I haven't been there in a while because it started to be an irritating place to visit, but with the bar on the other side of the venue and NO MORE MIDDLE TABLES blocking the way to the stage it's improved by about a zillion awesome points.

I only stayed for Brews Willis last night, and some of the highlights include:
Tiny fart sound in mic, something I would have done when awkward on stage.
A song about big fat titties, and the demand for titties at the front for it
Oh yeah, and ALL THE SONGS THEY PLAYED = biggest highlight.

They reminded me a lot of The Ergs on surf boards with HUGE boners.
I'm not sure why they have boners exactly, maybe that's my metaphorical boner that I'm inducing into the picture. Not that I have a penis, but if at all physically possible I did have a boner last night. Boob boners maybe? Or ear boners... which is likely to have caused my eargasm (drip drip drop there goes an eargasm - Outkast).
Whatever the case may be I totally Lonely Island'ddd last night watching them.
(Lonely Island = Jizz In My Pants FYI, not sure why I couldn't just say I jizzed in my pants, hey maybe I have some class after all?)
I could have and WOULD have watched them play that same set over two more times instead of even having other bands on the bill. It would have been like watching the first 3 Die Hards, only with nobody dying and the only thing hard is....
Well I think that's obvious by now.

I didn't make this. Thank you google image! Whoever did this... don't sue.

Oh yeah, the bassist was my favourite. I wish I could play bass! Somebody teach me!

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