Devasted, part deux

Remember when I reviewed the Italian band Devasted? If you don't, go fucking read it HERE.
I fell in love with them because they sounded like Rancid.
Not only are they back, but they're back with an EPIC album made of ONE FUCKING SONG that is 12 minutes long. It's called "The Human Failure".
How cool is that!?
It's like NOFX's "The Decline" meets Godspeed You! Black Empire.
It's less like Rancid than whatever I previously reviewed (except for a brief ska-like breakdown about 6 minutes in), and a bit more like old awesome Pennywise. Especially because of the 'whooaa whoaaa whoaaaa's .
Needless to say I dig it.
It is truly EPIC. I love bands, punk bands particularly, who can write such long ass punk songs that are good from front to back, and this one most definitely is.
I only wish they weren't halfway across the world so I could see them perform the tits out of this song.

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